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Who are we

Elia Grid International

Your agile partner in innovative power consultancy services

Based on the proven and innovative expertise and hands-on experience of their homebased TSO’s (Elia in Belgium and 50Hertz in Germany), Elia Grid International will not only advise you as any standard consultant would, we will also help you with the hands-on implementation of recommendations and deliverables.

We develop a strong partnership with you and make a difference in tangible deliverables and the way we deliver them. You can rely on a team of experts that have developed proven knowledge and experience, in Elia and 50Hertz as well as internationally. We offer consultancy and engineering services on the international energy market and develop power system projects for third parties.

We team up with other partners whenever necessary in order to offer you a comprehensive solution.

Elia Grid International is operated in a manner that is respectful of our employees and our customers.

Some Background Info

Elia Grid International (EGI) is a daughter company of the Elia Group, one of the leading-edge TSO groups in Europe. It is a wholly owned subsidiary (50/50) of Elia, the TSO in Belgium, and 50Hertz, the TSO in northern and eastern Germany.

As a result, Elia Grid International combines the quality and expertise of two large European electricity transmission system operators, each with solid track-record and many decades of experience.

  • Elia initiated the first market coupling between France, Belgium and the Netherlands, with the creation of Belpex. This model paved the way for the integration of power markets in Central Western Europe.
  • 50Hertz is a pioneer in Europe for the integration of renewable energy with more than 40% of the total wind energy in Germany injected into their grid and an ever-increasing part of photovoltaic energy, as well as the connection of large offshore windfarms in the Baltic Sea.

With offices in Brussels, Berlin, and Dubai, Elia Grid International brings you their proven expertise and innovative character in all aspects of electricity transmission (30-400 kV).