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System and Market Operation

Your role as a power system operator has intensified and grown more complex with the need to take in more variable energy, the development of interconnections, the impact of power markets, the diversification and multiplication of actors.
Elia Grid International can help you manage your system more efficiently.

In this fast changing world, TSO’s need a vast range of expertise areas, from very short term transient dynamics to long term market developments for the energy transition. The EGI team, combining the expertise of the two parent system operators and of their clients, has reached a critical mass able to offer high-quality analyses and solutions in these issues.
Frank Vandenberghe | Director Customers | Market & System Elia

System operation services

Elia Grid International can support you across the full range of system operation requirements, including:

  • load frequency control
  • grid ancillary services and balancing
  • settlement and accounting
  • emergency and business continuity plans
  • grid code development
  • system training and simulation
  • international coordination center operation

Market mechanisms

As Power System Operators are at the heart of the electricity system, they play an ever increasing role in the development of local, regional and international power markets. Elia Grid International can help you in developing the necessary electricity and balancing market mechanisms.

Integration of renewable energy

The integration of a growing part of renewables is a challenge for the system. Elia Grid International can bring you their expertise in RES integration, redispatch, control power, assessment of operational requirements related to RES, etc.