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Market and Regulation

As the energy landscape is evolving, the markets and regulatory frameworks have to change accordingly.

Elia Grid International can support you in navigating these challenges.


Market structure and Market design

The unbundling of the energy sector, the reorganization of energy markets or the restructuration of system operators and grid assets utilities, require new market structures. We can bring detailed analyses of models and processes.

Elia Grid International offers market products development, studies and implementation processes related to market set-up, data management, regional market coupling, interconnectors and advice in balancing market design and implementation. As Power System Operators are at the heart of the electricity system, they play an ever-increasing role in the development of local, regional and international power markets. Elia Grid International can help you in developing the necessary electricity and balancing market mechanism.


Market structure

  • Reorganization (liberalization) of energy markets: analysis and development of the regulatory framework, regulatory roadmaps, support to regulatory authorities
  • Unbundling of the power sector: roadmaps, analysis of market models and processes, unbundling and carve-out of Transmission and Distribution companies
  • Strategic planning, Restructuration of TSO / distribution companies
  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • Certification of TSO

Market Design

  • Market products development (e.g. Flexibility schemes, ancillary services, balancing design)
  • Studies and implementation processes related to market set-up (e.g. balancing, day-ahead, commercial dispatching, metering process, settlement)
  • Data management (e.g. REMIT, transparency, smart grids)



Elia Grid International can help you with the expertise in strategic planning, corporate governance and compliance.

  • Regulatory models (e.g. remuneration models, interconnectors, RES support schemes)
  • Regulatory roadmaps with regulators and stakeholders – stakeholders mapping
  • Transparency – Grid users consultation process organization
  • Draft of regulatory and legislative documents
  • Principles and rules for granting grid third party access
  • Organization of commercial relations with grid users


Tariffs – Remuneration scheme

Elia Grid International can advise you on Remuneration models and tariff designs for transmission and distribution companies, wheeling and interconnection tariffs and incentive regulation for transmission and distribution companies. Elia Grid International will help you to optimize within the given regulatory framework or propose alternative regulatory models.


Contractual schemes

Elia Grid International can support in the awarding of contracts such as market coupling agreements or Inter-TSO agreements.

  • Connection, access agreements, PPAs, balancing responsible party terms & conditions, balancing service provider terms & conditions
  • Long term market developments to support the energy transition
  • Balancing market rules