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Investment Advisory

With the liberalization of the energy market worldwide and the subsequent need to separate grid activities from generation activities, grid infrastructure is regularly proposed for sale.

Investment specialists proceeding to the assessment and due diligence phase regarding the considered acquisition may be interested in technical advice from a specialist.

Elia Grid International will bring the expertise and hands-on experience that you need during the assessment and due diligence phaseby providing youtechnical advisory services (link). Based on its proven knowledge of the TSO industry and of the power sector, its challenges and requirements, Elia Grid International will help you assess the technical strengths and weaknesses of the company you consider acquiring, allowing you to take your investment decision with documented knowledge from within.

We will deliver an “opinion report” on the technical aspects, including an examination of the investment plans, maintenance and replacement strategy, risk management strategy, capital expenditure, impact decentralized generation and renewable in general, condition based asset management and on asset management aspects in general, using European and international benchmarks.