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Asset Management

Your assets are very valuable, but they are ageing. They need daily care and maintenance if you want to maintain a high efficiency and reliability level.

We can help you optimize your processes and enhance your asset management thanks to proven and state-of-the-art methods and processes.

Elia Grid International conveys knowledge about power systems, markets and integration of renewables from our core markets in Europe to the outside world. Vice versa we learn from the experience they gathered in a number of international projects. All parties win!
Dirk Biermann | Chief Markets & System Operations 50Hertz
  • Cartography of your assets
    By acquiring an in-depth knowledge of your assets, the technology they use, their strengths and weaknesses, their profile and historic data, you will be able to focus on identified needs and to better tailor your maintenance policies.
  • Risk analysis
    Based on an in-depth knowledge of your asset specifics, you will be able to refine your understanding of the potential risks and better set your priorities, while keeping high efficiency and reliability levels.
  • Life cycle analysis
    Getting a full understanding of the evolution of your assets over time will allow you to use your maintenance data to define your replacement policies and make your replacement decisions, thus enhancing your efficiency and reliability.
  • Operational asset management
    Most organizations are structured vertically, according to specialties: project engineering, project development, asset maintenance, etc., resulting in silo’s that target towards their own optimum, independently from the life cycle of your assets.
    Elia Grid International will help you get the helicopter view that is necessary for consistent reporting and decision making,by developing a tactical horizontal layer that crosses all disciplines,
    We will also help you tackle any unsolved transformational challenges and streamline your organization according to proven innovative standards.
  • Process and quality management
    You want to streamline your processes towards more efficiency and reliability, by implementing a process and quality management system,. Thanks to its hands-on experience in the TSO sector and state-of-the-art expertise and experience of asset management, Elia Grid International will provide you guidance and support through the whole implementation process. Elia Grid International is ISO certified.