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Vietnam on the path to efficient wind power integration


Despite of its paramount economic and environmental benefits (e.g. zero fuel cost, clean, decentralized production, etc.), renewable energy sources (RES) can potentially unleash undesirable impacts to the grid that put its stability and security under risk. In order to benefit from the advantages of renewables, a progressive implementation of a customised framework that cope with the variability and uncertainty of RES is essential. Wind power forecasting (WPF) is one of the main drivers to diminish the challenges caused by variable and intermittent nature of wind energy, as well as to effectively integrate wind power into electrical grids and energy markets.

To help the Vietnamese regulator and governmental bodies to address Vietnam’s ambitious targets in renewables integration, Elia Grid International is mandated within the “Support to the Up-Scaling of Wind Power in Vietnam“, implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and GIZ (on behalf of BMZ), a project to lead the energy market entities towards a reliable and efficient operational system for wind forecasting. “Our mother entities Elia and 50Hertz provide a wealth of experience and expertise in wind forecasting, including internationally recognized best practices that can help emergent markets on their path to a greener energy mix”, explains Omar Huarcaya, one of Elia Grid International’s project experts. Through an in-depth assessment of the current Vietnamese RE forecasting methodologies, the experts will provide recommendations and an implementation roadmap tailored to the particularities of the Vietnamese market. “The measures should enable the regulator, the system operator and producers to ensure system security with regard to the ambitious goals set by the Vietnam Power Development Plan 2030“, adds Huarcaya.