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Ukrenergo experts participate in a workshop at Elia Grid International


On the 22nd and 23rd of May experts and operational managers of the Ukrainian transmission system operator Ukrenergo participated in a workshop at Elia Grid International’s and 50Hertz’s premises in Berlin. In this workshop experts of Elia Grid International and 50Hertz shared their expertise and experience regarding compliance with the Operation Handbook Policies. The Ukrenergo delegation, which was composed of experts from Dispatching Centres, the Balancing Market Department and the TSO Cooperation Department, had the opportunity to get insights into different processes like operational planning, congestion management, frequency control and balancing.

The workshop is part of the project run by Elia Grid International that aims at supporting Ukrenergo to prepare for the synchronization of the Ukrainian Power System with the system of Continental Europe. It is one of the steps of the Ukrainian TSO to fulfil the requirements of the “Agreement on the conditions for the future integration of power systems of Ukraine and Moldova with the grid of Continental Europe” signed between ENTSO-E and Ukrenergo in mid-2017. Further work packages of the project are support of Ukrenergo in the preparation of inter-TSO agreements, as well as of Terms of Reference for the enhancement of Ukrenergo’s software for power system analysis. The second workshop with Ukrenergo is scheduled for June in Brussels.