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National Grid Saudi Arabia attends workshop at Elia Grid International


From the 11th until the 19th April, a Saudi Arabian delegation composed of members of the transmission system operator in Saudi Arabia (National Grid SA) participated at a workshop in Elia Grid International’s offices in Brussels and Berlin. The lecture series presented by Elia and 50Hertz technical experts aims at conveying best practices of the Elia Group with regard to grid planning, especially in the context of increasing penetration of renewable energy resources. The lecture addressed key topics of Elia’s and 50Hertz’s expertise, such as market modelling, load forecasting, grid connection, grid development and portfolio management. The visit is a substantial part of the dissemination phase within Elia Grid International’s consultancy project with National Grid SA. This project is being conducted by Elia Grid International since 2015 with the objectives of improving network planning standards, policies, procedures and practices at National Grid SA.