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Elia Grid International participating in colloquium about electricity market modelling and commercial metering of electricity in Ukraine


Elia Grid International and ÅF Pöyry discussed with the Ukrainian regulator NEURC, NARUC and representatives of the Ukrainian National Power Company (NPC) Ukrenergo about electricity market modelling and commercial metering of electricity.

Isabelle Gerkens from Elia Grid International gave an overview of European Market Operation and System Operation, Regulation Mechanisms and Roles of Regulators and TSOs in Europe. She also introduced the European system-planning process. Gökhan Tosun from ÅF Pöyry/Mercados presented the lessons learned from the synchronization process of the Turkish TSO with ENTSO-E. Jorge Karacsonyi from ÅF Pöyry/Mercados let the auditorium participate in his deep experience with fundamentals on modelling and explained specific use cases. Eckart Lindwedel from Pöyry/Management Consulting introduced an approach for market projections without grid congestions by combining the market model BID3 with the grid system-planning tool PSS/E.

Elia Grid International thanks NARUC, USAID Ukraine, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Pöyry, Future Cities by ÅF Pöyry (Turkey and Mercados Spain), ENTSO-E and the World Bank for exciting and dedicated discussions supporting the young regulatory authority in Ukraine, NEURC, on its way to further establish this entity.