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Elia Grid International obtains ISO9001:2015 certification


Elia Grid International was successfully re-certified with the new internationally recognized Quality Management System Standard ISO9001:2015 in April. During a 2-day audit by the German TÜV Süd, all Elia Grid International’s locations (Brussels, Berlin and Dubai) got certified. The new standard requires incorporating the Quality Management System (QMS) into the strategic orientation of the company and puts focus on a comprehensive risk- and stakeholder management.

The re-certification proofs the high quality standards at Elia Grid International as quality manager Kai Schmied explains: “In preparation of the audit we revised our complete QMS to adapt it to the new ISO standard. For us the certificate is more than a “badge on the wall”: The primarily goal is to have an applicable QMS in place that is efficient in its application and at the same time ensures a high quality standard of our products with minimal bureaucratic burdens. This certification evidences that we are on the right track”. Schmied also highlights the paramount importance of a structured quality management in consultancy business. “The certification is either directly required by our clients or we use it to distinguish ourselves from competitors. Our clients benefit from transparent processes and last but not least a high quality standard of our services and deliveries”.