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Meet Our Experts

Meet Our Experts

Marc Osthues

Expert Asset Management

Marc Osthues is an Expert in Asset Management. He worked for more than six years as a researcher and consultant in the energy business before he joined Elia Grid International in 2015. He has a Degree in Industrial Engineering with focus on power systems and energy economics, and he holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from TU Dortmund University.

As a researcher for the Institute of Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency and Energy Economics at TU Dortmund University, he managed national and international projects on behalf of industrial companies, European authorities, federal ministries and research funding organizations. His research focused on risk assessment of grid investments, electricity markets and energy regulation. Furthermore, he provides experience in energy market modelling and power flow simulations with DIgSILENT PowerFactory.

Marc Osthues works in Elia Grid International's offices in Berlin and Brussels and supports the Assets Management Team in projects in the Middle East. He currently manages the implementation of efficient processes with regards to the consolidation of asset replacements and grid development projects (CAPEX Management).

Fortunato Villella

Expert Power Systems

Fortunato Villella is an Expert Power System Security Assessment at Elia Grid International; his main fields of expertise are control and system studies applied to Power System, together with a very solid background in modelling, simulation and analysis of complex control and physical systems.

After two years of academic experience, he joined a renowned consulting company, gaining experience for more than 7 years on international power systems consulting projects, spreading from system study to renewable integration, to development of new tools and methodologies.

Fortunato is a graduate in Industrial Control and specialized in power systems. He is fluent in the use of PSS/e, DIGSILENT and EUROSTAG simulation tools.


Tarek Fawzy

Expert Power System Operations & Security

Tarek Fawzy is a Power System Security and Operation Expert at Elia Grid International. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Braunschweig in Germany. He has been involved for more than 7 years in renewable energy integration and distribution power system operation.

Prior to joining the Elia group, he worked for SMA Solar Technology AG in Germany, where he dealt mainly with smart grids, grid impact studies for renewable energy integration, power quality issues and network codes for the connection of generating units. He participated in various European and international research and development projects as well as in consultancy projects concerning the integration of renewable energy.
Tarek is currently working on several projects aiming at the integration of renewable energy in the Chilean grid.

Bernard Malfliet

Expert Power Market Operations

Bernard Malfliet is a Power System Operations & Security Expert with a focus on the integration of market mechanisms and grid development.

He has over 20 years of experience, working for several utilities in the Belgian electricity sector and on multi-disciplinary and international projects. Bernard holds a Master Of Science In Electro-Mechanical Engineering from the University of Brussels, with a focus on energy.

He was an active participant in the development of the first operational flow based congestion management methodology in the world, and a driving force in establishing a transparent and harmonized methodology for flow based calculations, with the aim to maximize availability of transport infrastructure for the cross-border exchange of energy. Bernard also developed expertise in the firmness of the capacity offered to the market, the management of international congestions, the quality of the frequency in the interconnected grids, and the auctioning mechanisms.

Johan Maricq

Expert Asset Management

Johan Maricq worked as a Secondary System Expert at Elia before joining Elia Grid International. His activities cover two main fields: asset management and new secondary system technologies integration.

He has a 7 year experience in various positions in the energy sector. He started his career as a Business Analyst, in charge of tools for the Customer Service & Support team and later worked as an Internal Consultant, in charge of IT projects where he developed his knowledge of project management, new technologies integration, IP network and risk management.

He currently manages the implementation of risk-based decision tools for the daily decisions and analysis activities. In the project, Johan reviews the process, develops useful tools and supports the change management process.
Johan also took part in international working groups as Cigré and ESAM (Experience Sharing in Asset Management).

He has a Master in Electrical Engineering from the UCL.